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The South East Asia's Carbon Credit's Hub

Indonesia is home to approximately 131 million hectares of forest, capable of sequestering over 500 million metric tons of CO2 annually. The country's potential CC market size is projected at $5 billion annually, making it possible to become Southeast Asia’s Carbon Credits hub.

REDD+ Projects

Indonesia has the most production volume of *REDD+ in the world. REDD+ projects annual production volume reach a total of 80 Million t/year.

*REDD+: Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation in Developing Countries
REDD+ Projects
Total 81 REDD+ Projects in the world

Our Role

Sustainable Forest (SFIndo)
Bridging Indonesian Carbon Credits Market to the world.

  • Collaborating with top-tier Carbon Credits consulting partners, we serve as the essential link between Indonesian forest owners and Carbon Credits buyers around the world.
  • Currently, our strongest market is Japan.
SFIndo bridge Carbon Credits to the world

For Ambitious Companies Willing to Achieve Net Zero:

We offer comprehensive guidance to Indonesian business owners throughout the Carbon Credits process. Services include assistance with registration, eligibility assesment, and identifying suitable registration authorities.

Forest Protection

Improved Management on Forest Protection.

Increased Tree Cover

Complete guidance on reforestation and growing carbon credits.

Agricultural Management

Elevate your agricultural outputs with modern care and nutrient management.

Forest Protection with Improved management:

  • Operate in Large Volumes
  • Cost-effective
  • High co-benefits
  • Primarily emission reduction
  • Often requires behavior change
Forest Protection

All Supports You Need:

We provide the complete supports to kick-start your Carbon Credits operation.

Project Finance

  • Finance through the use of debt or equity instruments at the project and/or Topco level
  • Flexible finance structures to ensure alignment of interests with the project stakeholders

Due Diligence, Credit & Compliance

  • Conduct due diligence on project stakeholders, potential customers or entities involved in the project.
  • Assess counterparty exposures.
  • Ensure credit support is in place for long term agreements with potential customers.

Operational Support

  • Real-time reporting on market positions, pricing and exposure.
  • Assistance with physical operations on registries (Verra, Gold Standard, etc.).
  • Provision of link between project activities and how data is used by sales functions.

Market Analysis & Pricing Support

  • Provision of voluntary market insight on forecasts and trends.
  • Access to fair value and price curves through regular evaluation.

Legal Support

  • Review and draft agreements with project stakeholders or potential customers that give rise to contractual obligations.
  • Structure transactional deals.
  • Understand regulatory changes in key regions affecting carbon projects and activities.

Exchange Trading & Market Access

  • Access to ICE, CME, CBL, EEX, ACX, CTX, etc.
  • Access to extensive sales network – customers with climate commitments.

Technical Support

  • Project design, validation and registration under carbon standards and approved carbon accounting methodologies.
  • Project development, issuance.
  • Advisory on registration under international standards, including VCS.

Financial Accounting, Reconciliation & Reporting

  • Project or portfolio financial accounting.
  • Tracking of transaction balances and reconciliation.
  • Settlements.
  • Regular financial reporting.

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